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SMS Aggregation


MCTEL provides SMS Aggregation services to both large SMS Brokers and Wholesales and to mobile network operators. These services rely on MCTEL Mobile Hosting Center, using the fault tolerant carrier grade MCTEL SMS Centers with SS7 connectivity. It is able to route SMS to most networks worldwide.

Roaming agreements are signed using complicated and time consuming procedures. It may take years even for large mobile networks to establish bilateral roaming agreements with most of the other networks worldwide. In the meantime, the network operator?s customers are able to establish voice calls worldwide, but can only send SMS to a limited number of countries. This leads to complaints from subscriber and to a revenue loss for the operator.

Thanks to its SMS MO Forwarding feature, the MCTEL Roaming Platform conveys SMS to countries/operators to which the sender network has no roaming agreements. Most of the time, the replies can be received as well and transmitted to the SMS initial originator.

Thanks to its high speed direct SS7 access, MCTEL is one of the only company that is able to offer its customers a single vanity shortcode number that can be used from most of the countries to access SMS services (e.g. "HILTON", "COCA"...).




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