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Value Added Services


As an expert in network and services, MCTEL provides operators solutions that help them deliver value added services and thus increase productivity and revenue from subscribers.
  • Complete Content Delivery Gateway with multimedia Content Management and Charging features
  • VAS Connectivity Gateway offers operators a network access point to securely connect VAS applications to their network, along with Smart Charging on Content, over bearers such as SMS, MMS, USSD, Wap, IVR,Video. Smart Charging includes an integrated suite of charging and billing interfaces to avoid the deployment of a separate charging platform with the Gateway.
  • The USSD Gateway delivers services (including subscriber self-provisioning) and provides USSD browsing. It acts as a powerful bearer for self care, premium VAS services and financial transactions (topup, credit transfer, invoice payment).
  • MCTEL VAS Development Platform is designed for an easy development of Value Added Services using multiple bearers (SMS, MMS, Wap, USSD, IVR, video).
  • Location Platforms used to provide located-based services and to enrich VAS with location based information (for example, MCTEL USSD Browser can be tailored according to the subscriber's present location).



  • VAS Development Platform and Turnkey Applications

    MCTEL VAS Development Platform addresses mobile operators and VAS providers' multimedia messaging and mobile applications needs by providing a complete messaging platform.

  • VAS Connectivity Gateway
    Located as an intermediate gateway between the information provider server and the operator SMS/MMS-Center, MCTEL VAS Connectivity Gateway avoids direct external access to the SMSC, performs information provider authentication, masks subscribers MSISDN numbers using aliasing features, and manages Premium charging and billing.




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